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The smoking is getting worse; People sign leases promising not to smoke but they and their guests are smoking everywhere and nothing seems to be done about it; besides my previous complaints about losing certain amenities (24hr Concierge, shuttle van), and the price continuing to increase, I still have complaints about the coffee machine as well. Either we’re out of coffee half the time or the machine is down and we don’t know til we get out of bed, walk down and it’s not working. I’ve complained often about being notified ahead of time. Waiting for that to happen. Biggest Pro about living here has nothing to do with the actual property. It’s the location that means everything. The location is great but the riff raft that keeps moving in takes the beauty away from the living experience.


Residents have all been very friendly. Very hospitable. I’m new here but hope to develop some meaningful friendships. Love the area so many things to do and become involved. Enjoy all the events the apartment puts together.


J the concierge is super helpful. The coffee machine was broken again and he immediately fixed it. By the way, maybe get a second machine as a backup.

Mary Ire

Under Greystar, my experience has been ok with a few unpleasant consequences. Under UDR, the previous owners of DelRay Tower was fantastic. They actually cared about their tenants. They were attentive, had no issues with their staff, had tons of amenities, etc


So far it has been great. Greystar took over from the last management team when I was here 7 years ago. Seems to be much better. I am going to love it here.


Great location and great amenities! Love the big windows and free coffee machine! The spaces are always clean and the courtyard outside is beautiful.


When touring the building Semis left nothing out. It was the tour that assured me this is where I desire to be! Beautiful residence and so many amenities in a community that offers community.


Great quiet, clean, and luxurious apartment space. The apartment staff is very polite and helpful for all your needs. Truly an amazing place to call home.


Just moved in yesterday, but so far everyone has been welcoming the location is perfect and the people there are supper attentive to detail..


Awesome place to live at. I love my place :) I love the location and the many ambiance’s where I can just take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee or a good book 📖

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